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GTPulse: Good Harbor Beach Cottage Sale This Weekend

Is it time to turn the heat off for the season? After this week’s weather, I’m considering it. With the warmer temperatures come so many markers of seasonal change that I love – keeping my windows open, going on long walks, and hitting estate and garage sales on weekends. This weekend one of my favorite local businesses, Moxie Estate Sales of Northern Michigan, is hosting another fabulous shopping experience. If you don’t have weekend plans yet, consider this a sign.

The owner of Moxie, Lisa Lamont-Sluiter has an eye for what looks good. In each of her sales, she and her team rearrange the home to showcase items in a fun and attractive way. The style is a cross between set design and store display and it truly creates a unique shopping experience.

With each new estate sale comes a different style. The last Moxie sale I went to was a mid-century modern dream with all of the retro colors and textures you could dream of. This upcoming sale has been described in a somewhat newer term that I love, as cottagecore. 

Cottagecore is a lifestyle idealized by Gen Z. It became an internet trend early in 2020 as we all faced isolation. Content creators on social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok began to post video clips of themselves doing things like baking, creating wildflower bouquets, gardening, and other activities that felt tranquil and far from city life. The yearning to return to simpler times, quiet\ life, and all of the activities that come with it quickly became deemed ‘cottagecore’ and is still a thriving trend today. A quick Google search will show you stretches of flower fields, girls in flowy dresses, and cozy-looking cottages. 

This week’s sale is at a charming beach cottage overlooking Good Harbor in Lake Leelanau.

“This one is very elegant. There’s a lot of high-end Waterford crystal, sterling silver, lots of beach things, It was the grandparents’ retirement home, so anything you can think of that’s beachfront.”

For mid-century modern lovers like me, there are still some retro items to be found. Lisa has them all corralled together and on display in the basement where things like barware and cocktail sets will be. Something she’s really excited about is the local artwork that will be for sale.

“There’s a lot of high-quality beautiful items here. There are two art pieces in particular, one is an original oil painting from C. Bruce Unwin, and he was a Leland resident. We have the beautiful oil painting of his of a tropical fish, it’s really cool. Nell Revel Smith, we have prints of hers, too.”

There are lots of cottage, beachy, gorgeous items to be found at this lovely Good Harbor cottage, and as an extra bonus, there’s another estate sale going on just down the street.

“There’s a lot of similar things, people can make the trip and make it worth their while. There’s a good couple hours of shopping up here.”

Check them out this weekend on Saturday and Sunday in Lake Leelanau from 9 am to 4 pm. The exact address will be posted later today on .


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