Grand Traverse Democrats, Senator VanderWall React to Governor Whitmer’s COVID-19 Suggestions

Now that COVID-19 is beginning to hit younger demographics harder, Governor Gretchen Whitmer is suggesting schools halt in person classes.

But State Senator Curt VanderWall says not every district can be treated the same.

Senator VanderWall says, “I feel very strongly that we cannot continue to make decisions that effect the whole state when certain areas of the state are not effected. We’ve got to allow our locals make those calls.”

He says local leaders should choose what works best for their communities and Northern Michigan’s restrictions are fine where they are.

“My feeling is that we need to stay the course and we need to allow those decisions to be made by the local health department and the school superintendent and the school board,” says Senator VanderWall.98dfa557 3c48 432a 9ef4 Ba0085e83246

The Grand Traverse Democrats say letting individual communities make separate rules could lead to a further spike.

Grand Traverse Democrats chair person, Chris Cracchiolo says, “That lends itself though to people on the wrong end of it trying to compare themselves to other counties or other cities in the state and the ‘why not me.’”

He says the GT Dems support the Governor’s suggestion.

“I think it’s especially helpful to do these things. Especially in this time where I think it’s very unclear as to why there has been such an increase in the COVID statistics in Michigan,” says Cracchiolo. “We would rather see restaurants open at 100%. We’d rather see school in person 100% of the time, but I think we need to do that tries to make sense.”

Cracchiolo says following these suggestions could put Michigan on a quicker path to recovery.