Cheboygan Chalk Artist Spreads Positivity with 3,999th Drawing

On Friday, Susan Melton completed her 3,999th chalk drawing since she started her venture almost 10 years ago. She goes out every morning to create a message of positivity on the sidewalk. She hasn’t missed a day since she started.  

At first it was a way to help herself out as she was going through a deep depression. “A lot of people, you know write yourself Post-it notes and you stick them all over your house,” she said. “I don’t know I just woke up one day and I was like, ‘you know what, I’m going to take those and I want to put them out for other people to see’.” 

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Since she began, her Facebook page has amassed almost 14,000 likes. “I feel really proud and humbled by all the support, not just on Facebook but in the communities I go to as well,” said Melton. “When you hear people say ‘you know I was having a really bad day and I came across your message and it just turned my day around’.” 

Others in the community of Cheboygan say Susan’s work inspires them as well. “What an impact it’s had,” said Brandon Weir, events chair of the Cheboygan Downtown Development Authority. “I’ve walked through downtown Cheboygan. I’ve seen it under my own two feet and it really hits home. It’s good reminders of be a good person, be grateful, be thankful, love each other.” 

Susan says she plans to keep spreading her messages as long as she can continue to go outside.