President Biden Announces Proposed Gun Control Action

In an Executive Action on Thursday, President Biden announced new restrictions in ghost guns and accessories like rifle stabilizers—a tool which was used in the mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado last month.

He also urged the legislator to pass a package of bills and add even more gun related restrictions.

Michigan House of Representatives Former Majority Leader, Triston Cole argues the restrictions already don’t apply to the majority of gun owners.

“Looking over some of the things that the President outlined—ghost guns, gun parts— many of these things already have restrictions and require background checks,” says Cole. “We have more guns than people and right now the vast majority are legally owned and possessed firearms.”

He says the state already has rules to make sure guns are legally registered.Dd5ab6c0 8c67 45c8 9c3a 75cbe8967ad9

Cole says, “In Michigan we have a lot of gun laws when it comes to handguns in particular. So, many of the things that are being talked about at the Federal level we’re already dealing with those and seeing those here.”

Cole and the Michigan Coalition to prevent Gun Violence both agree with President Biden’s push for more firearms education.

Chairperson of the Michigan Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence, Christopher Smith, says, “The biggest thing, in some respects, may be the attention to funding community violence programs to try to intervene in communities with actual individuals who are at risk of either being victims or perpetrating gun violence.”

The Coalition says stricter gun control could help beyond mass shootings.

Smith says, “We ought to be able to work on some of the pieces here like suicide, like kids finding unsecured firearms, like people who are in crisis and temporarily shouldn’t have custody of their firearms until they get mental health care.”