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Meet Monika Zachara, The New Member of ‘the four’ Family!

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We recently expanded ‘The Four’ family with the addition of our newest member and reporter, Monika Zachara. Her down-to-earth personality, mixed with her ability to share the ‘good’ happening in the community, makes her a perfect fit for our team.

Why did you want to join ‘the four’?

When I saw the opportunity for a lifestyle reporter, I thought, wow this is right up my alley! “I love ‘feel good’ stories, that bring a smile to your face!” In school, I always leaned towards finding stories on local businesses, fun events, and cool people that I could share with everyone around me. People tend to forget how great their area really is, and I’m here to remind them that the place they call home has a lot to offer! ‘The Four’ does a great job showcasing various stories and putting a fun twist on it, making it really enjoyable to watch and connect with its viewers. I’m excited to be part of the team!

What do you plan to bring to the Northern Michigan communities?

I would love to do stories on what local businesses are bringing to the table, and the hidden gems that the typical person passes and doesn’t really look twice at. Those always have some of the best surprises! Any interesting events that I can go to and have fun sharing with the people of Northern Michigan would be great to check out, especially during these weird times. I’m also very passionate about sharing stories on people making a difference in the local community, especially kids who are getting involved in their neighborhoods.

Now that you reside in Northern Michigan, what do you look forward to?

I’m such an outdoorsy person! I love being out in nature, enjoying the weather. I’m looking forward to hiking on the many trails Michigan has and kayaking on these BEAUTIFUL lakes! I’m also a big foodie, so it’s always fun exploring new spots to eat!

If you’d like to contact Monika or have any story ideas for her, you can email her at

You can also follow Monika on her social media pages on , & .