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Hook & Hunting: Turkey Season

Turkey season is right around the corner for hunters in Michigan.

Starting April 17, hunters will get a few months to bag a Michigan Turkey.

Jays Sporting Goods says that hunters will want to go into the woods with one or two Turkey calls to call the birds in.

They say that it’s also wise to have a decoy so that the when calling the Turkey, it will associate the calls with the decoy and not the hunter.

Hunters should be concealed with camouflage or in a blind because of turkey’s keen eyesight.

“First of all good camouflage clothing, they have such good keen eyesight and can see about 270 degrees around them so concealment is really important. That would be the number one thing I would say,” said Bill Hahn.

Spring turkey hunting season Starts April 17 and runs until June 7.