Unsolved: The Lisa Knight Case

The family of Lisa Knight has been looking for answers about her disappearance in Alpena County since June 2012.

The case is now being investigated as a homicide.

Lisa Knight loved just about everything that came with life in northeast Michigan and the easy going, happy go lucky, quintessential country girl, had big plans for her life. Plans that were tragically cut short in June of 2012. Lisa’s father Marc was getting ready to head home from a trucking run when he learned someone received a disturbing phone call from Lisa and hadn’t heard back from her.

“At that point in her life she had been into some drugs, and into partying, and you hope she was just hungover some place, she’s going to show up in a couple of days. I had that gut feeling that wasn’t the case,” said Marc.

Several more days passed and there was still no sign of Lisa.

That’s when State Police got involved and determined Lisa was last seen at the home of her ex-husband Lloyd Frey in Ossineke, just south of Alpena.

“We determined that she was with Lloyd at his house on June 8, and according to Lloyd he was at his house when he went to bed, and when he woke up the next morning she was gone. Through further investigation we haven’t been able to determine she was with anyone else other than Lloyd after that time. We’ve done numerous searches at Lloyd’s house, on Lloyd’s property involving the MSP crime lab, cadaver dogs, search parties, we’ve bored holes in concrete on the property and we’ve found no signs of Lisa to this date,” said D/Sgt. Matthew Wilt.

And that is what is perhaps most frustrating for detectives.

“Obviously Lloyd is a person of interest in the investigation, having said that, Lloyd’s been largely cooperative with us throughout the investigation, so we’re still looking for answers. My belief is that someone that we’ve previously talked to has information that could help us solve this case,” said Wilt.

But even more frustrating and agonizing has been the nearly decade long wait for answers Lisa’s family has endured.

“It is the absolute worst part of the whole situation because there’s no finality to it, there’s no end, there’s not a point where you put it behind you and move on. I would like to say that justice would simply being arrested and tried and having their day in court. As a Christian, justice will be when this person meets their end and has to face God and answer to this. To me personally, this won’t come to an end until somebody rots in prison,” said Marc.

Detectives say they’ve received more than 170 tips in the case, but are still looking for the final pieces of information to answer the question of what happened to Lisa.

“I think at this point in time if someone has information it’s time to quit being afraid, the people responsible, everyone has aged, everyone has had their life trials and issues. If somebody, whoever has information, I know there’s people out there who have information about this who haven’t come forward. There will come a time when they’ll answer for not coming forward, because if they take this secret to their grave, God will judge them for it,” said Marc.

If you have any information on what happened to Lisa Knight, you’re asked to call State Police in Alpena at (989)-354-4101.

You can also submit anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers at 1-(800)-422-5245.

They’re offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information that helps solve this case.

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