MDHHS Leaders Give COVID-19 Update as Michigan Surge Continues

Cases continue in an upward direction across the state and Wednesday we got an update from the state health department on the trends they’re seeing.

From coronavirus case counts to hospitalizations and deaths, nearly all of the metrics the state of Michigan has been watching during the pandemic have climbed rapidly.

“Our percent positivity and case rates are continuing bring to climb, we’re currently at 15.6% positivity and about 491 cases per million people. These numbers have been increasing for the past 6,” said Dr. Sarah Lyon-Callo, Director of the Bureau of Epidemiology and Population Health with MDHHS.

The state health department says the most recent outbreaks have been fueled by schools and sports, and could get more fuel from recent spring break travel and COVID variants.

“We had 81 new outbreaks reported in the K-12 setting. Following K-12, the greatest number of new outbreaks was reported in the large grouping of manufacturing and construction. We also had 35 new outbreaks identified in skilled nursing long-term care or other assisted living,” said Lyon-Callo.

COVID-19 case rates are highest in people ages 20-to-39, and the highest they’ve ever been in those 19 and younger, with case counts in that age group quadrupling in the last month.

But state leaders stopped short of calling for new restrictions, saying they’re optimistic the surge could turn around with more vaccinations.

“I think there were a lot of different techniques that we are using to get people vaccinated and reduce transmission, and I’m anticipating that you know we will we will not be looking this way in the summer,” said Lyon-Callo.

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