Biden Wants States to Open Vaccine Eligibility by April 19th

150 million COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in the first 75 days since President Biden took office.

Biden is now encouraging states move up the date for all adults to be eligible to sign up for a vaccination.

He wants that to be April 19th instead of May 1st.

Several states including Michigan have already made this move.

The White House says there will be enough vaccines doses for every adult by the end of May.

Biden believes by the end of summer a significant amount of the U.S. population will be vaccinated.

Despite all of the vaccines being distributed, Biden says the pandemic is far from over and Americans need to continue to be vigilant about stopping the spread.

He urged everyone to continue to mask-up and social distance.

The White House press secretary also announced the administration does not plan to institute a federally mandated “vaccine passport” system.