Wexford County Deputies Train With New BolaWrap Devices

Deputies with the Wexford County Sheriff’s Office spent the day training with a new tool meant to help them make arrests without having to use potentially lethal force.

The BolaWrap is something more law enforcement across the country have started carrying and using to make arrests and take someone into custody.

“As long as the rope that you saw demonstrated, as long as those can wrap around either the arms or around the legs, that person is going to be immobile, along with that there’s no electric current that comes with a Taser. Once the person is taken into custody and those ropes are removed there is not injury and there’s no lasting residual effects from that arrest,” said Undersheriff Rick Doehring.

And that is one of the biggest reasons the Wexford County Sheriff’s Office decided to buy the devise for their deputies, using funds left over from their 2020 training budget.

“It’s another tool for the toolbox for us. With things going in the law enforcement community, if there’s a level of force that would require minimal without being aggressive, this is the tool we would recommend,” said Lt. Rich Denison.

With the use of police force under a more intense microscope than ever before, law enforcement say devices like this are becoming almost essential.

“This is just an evolution of a way of non-lethal force being used to take somebody into custody, or if you have somebody that’s maybe having some kind of mental episode, we can take them into custody without any harm to them, and it also gives that distance between that person and our officers that means less risk for injury,” said Doehring.

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