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Positive Parenting: Inspiring Little Einsteins with Science


A story before dinner, a book before bed. Many families have established reading routines, but when it comes to science, where do you start?

A national survey of more than 1400 parents of children 3 – 6 years old showed about 90-percent of them do educational activities at home. But, only half of those parents say they do activities that involve science. The consensus… parents didn’t feel confident enough to teach their kids about science.

Here are some everyday ways to engage kids starting at home:

  • Build with blocks. Have your child pretend that he/she is an architect.
  • Cook in the Kitchen. Measure out ingredients, talk about the sequence involved in recipes, and point out changes at the food cooks.
  • Get outside. As kids questions about what they see in the garden, in the nearby stream, or at a construction site.

If your child asks you a question, and you don’t know the answer to it, that’s okay! Take it as a way to look up the answer together. Knowing how to research is also a fantastic science skill have.

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