Pine Hill Nursery Spring Seedling Projects & Scavenger Hunts for the Whole Family

Spring is the perfect time a stay-cation in northern Michigan and a great spot to check out is Pine Hill Nursery and Landscape in Antrim County’s Kewadin.  The nursery and garden center justSeeds outside Elk Rapids has the perfect COVID-safe opportunities for the whole family to check out and even get their hands dirty.

Pine Hill has seedling projects going on where the kids can plant everything from herbs to lettuce and more.  The seedling projects allow the kids to learn how the growing season works and have some fun doing it.

To see more about the seedling projects, a spring scavenger hunt that’s ongoing, and the upcoming events and activities happening at Pine Hill check out the videos above & below.

For a direct link to Pine Hill Nursery and Landscape in Kewadin, click here.

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