Good Reads from Brilliant Books: ‘The Phantom Twin’ by Lisa Brown

No matter the book, every story contains a valuable lesson or a different perspective. This includes a very grim graphic novel, that challenges how we face our biggest fears, and learn from ourGuest 63769427 D62f 4505 B162 E001817006d8 mistakes. We give you the literary rundown in this week’s ‘Good Reads from Brilliant Books.

The Phantom Twin by Lisa Brown is about two girls who are conjoined twins. These characters find work and survival at a local sideshow carnival, but ultimately lose their freedoms due to a greedy ringmaster.  Each twin has their own agenda of how their lives should be played out, and where they ultimately want to end up. One thing they do agree on is getting surgery to help them separate from each other. After a botched surgery that caused one of the twin sisters her life, the other twin, from that point on, is living with guilt.

The Phantom Twin deals with the themes of grief, guilt, and moving on. This story is ideal for teens on up – and teaches a lesson about seeking out help and talking about your grief with others.

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