Big Rapids Police Now Equipped Calming Bags to Support Individuals with Autism

April is Autism Acceptance Month, and a local police department now has some tools to help those with autism.

Every police car with the Big Rapids Department of Public Safety now has a calming bag.

They include items like ear muffs and stress balls for officers to use if they encounter someone with autism caught in a stressful situation involving police.

The items can also improve communication between police and those with autism during an emergency.

“It’s good we can provide them with something that if the sirens are too loud or anything like that, they have earmuffs in them, they can put those on, and it’s just something to keep them calm. It’s stressful situations they have to deal with and this can help to calm them down a little bit,” said Officer William Sell.

All of the bags were donated to the department by Community Mental Health.

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