Artist Profile: Shannon Lopez

During the pandemic, she’s been a full-time mom and a part-time painter. Northern Michigan artist, Shannon Lopez talks about her colorful creations, and how you can see her showcase of personalized paintings, in this week’s Artist Profile.

Who are you?

My name is Shannon Lopez, I was born and raised in Traverse City, Michigan. And then, I’m a mother of four children – ages one to eighteen.162636821 10164907448040319 423405050831308664 N

How did you get started?

When I was pretty young, my grandmother would make ceramics. So, my mom and I would go with some of my siblings, and we would paint those ceramics. So, I was introduced pretty young to art in general. And then, I carried on through school and I think I sold my first painting when I was like, 22. I just kind of went on with it.

What is your favorite medium?

Definitely acrylic. I like to do acrylic paint on canvas. And, I think that’s because it has a pretty quick dry time, I can build with layers, and create a pretty bold piece. Most of my artwork is pretty bright. I really enjoy using that.

Where do you find inspiration?

It’s really hard to explain. I guess it’s more of a ‘feeling’ at the time. I can put a blank canvas down with nothing in my mind and just kind of go with it. It just helps put me at ease, like a meditation. So, depending on what’s going on in my life, I kind of just draw from my surroundings.

What do you hope people take from your works?

I have a lot of clients that will order a piece that reminds them of something in their life. So, most of my work is custom done.  I like to create things that have meaning for my clients. But, other than that, just something that catches their attention, and maybe pulls away from their day-to-day madness where they can just focus on something when they walk in a room.

To learn more about Shannon and her artwork, click here.


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