GTPulse: Fun Strikes Again at Lucky Jack’s

At this point, most of us have experienced the conundrum that accompanies celebrating a birthday during a pandemic. Questions about location, safety, and guest participation have become standard practice throughout the last year, with many resorting to online or pivoted “from a distance” gatherings. As Michigan’s Covid-19 regulations have begun to relax, many people are gathering once again. However, since capacity limitations and risks are still prevalent, finding the right place to celebrate safely can be tricky. 


This year, in order to celebrate my birthday safely and comfortably, I decided to book a birthday party at Lucky Jack’s on Garfield Avenue in Traverse City. It’s true, more often than not, most parties hosted by the popular entertainment center are geared toward younger people than myself, but, as I explained my situation on the phone, the party planner assured me that there were many adults who utilized their services. 


Pins & Privacy


First of all, when you think of bowling birthdays, you’re probably thinking of you and several friends camped out at a couple of lanes. And, although you would be correct in concept, Lucky Jack’s delivers a personal experience filled with small touches of convenience that are a game-changer. We decided to book the basic package, which includes one hour spent in a private room where you and your guests can eat pizza (included in the price), have drinks (non-alcoholic drinks are included, adult beverages are available at an additional cost), open gifts and have cake (you can bring in your own cake) prior to heading to the lanes. Your party planner will take care of getting shoes and even bowling balls to your private lanes for you, and, will even set up the lanes with the names of participants so that you’re able to start bowling right away. When you do head to the lanes, the private room acts as your home base, so guests can leave their belongings knowing they will be secure in the secluded area. The best part of the private birthday package, however, is the real bowling pin Lucky Jack’s gives you for your friends to sign. 


Glow Bowling 


Instead of socially distanced lanes set up in the main bowling area, your group will have access to the private area—a decked out glow bowl room complete with eighties music videos, plush seating and the ability to spread out. The private bowling area is yours for the time allowed, and, you have the ability to add time if you find that you want to extend the fun. Additional entertainment, like laser tag and arcade cards, can be added to your package for a nominal fee, or, your group can elect to upgrade to a VIP Party package, which in includes everything in the basic package, plus laser tag, bumper cars and an arcade card. If your group wants to skip the bowling all together, you can choose a Lucky Jack’s Arcade Party which includes the private party room, but instead of bowling, your group spends their time with laser tags, bumper cars and arcade games. 


All the Fun with Cash to Spare


Perhaps the most surprising part of booking my party at Lucky Jack’s was the cost. When I inquired about hosting my close friends and family, I thought we would be looking at a hefty price tag. So, when my party planner told me that the Lucky Jack’s Bowling Party (the basic package) included one hour in the private room, one hour of private bowling, shoe rental, pizza, refillable pitchers of soda and a party planner for $15 a person, I was really surprised. We ate, drank and bowled for over two hours and it only cost us $60 for a family of four. Plus, at the end of the day, I got to walk away with a bowling pin signed by my guests!

So if you’re looking for a fun and safe way to celebrate a big event in your life, you might consider changing lanes from the traditional get together and book a Lucky Jack’s Bowling Party instead!


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