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Ludington Seven-Year-Old Hosting Birthday Fundraiser for Those in Need

When kids have a birthday coming up, many have toys at the top of their wish list.

But one little girl in Ludington has a different birthday wish in mind—helping others in need.

“My birthday is April 7 and I’m turning 7,” said Harper Stepka.

Instead of toys and presents, Harper has a different idea for celebrating her birthday

“I wanted raise money for people that don’t have a home and people that don’t have food,” she said.

She got the idea from a YouTube video she watched.

“I saw they paid for somebody behind them in McDonald’s, and then I watched a couple more,” said Harper. “I saw that they were doing that, so I got the idea of doing that here for my birthday.”

And in just a few weeks, she’s received some donations, including nonperishable food.

“We have mashed potatoes, we have a lot of canned food, oranges, peas,” she said.

What she’s most excited about is the amount of money she’s raised so far—over $700.

“At first I thought we were only going to get like $200, and I was ok with that, too,” said Harper. “And then it got higher and higher! I’m so happy!”

And now that she’s reached her goal, she set an even higher goal.

“I want to go up to “Ten hundred”,” said Harper

She’ll be donating what she receives to the , which are free food and item pantries.

“I feel good going about doing it,” said the soon to be 7-year-old. “I don’t mind getting presents, I would just be likely to give than get.”

To donate to Harper’s birthday Fundraiser, you can do so on Facebook.