Hook & Hunting: Deer Management Cooperator Patches

The Michigan DNR is holding a design contest for this year’s deer management cooperator patches.

These patches are given to successful hunters who bring their deer to DNR deer check stations around the state.Hook And Hunting

The patches have been given out since the early 1970’s and have become a collector’s item.

This year they are holding a design contest for the patches.

It’s just one way they will be celebrating 100 years of the DNR.

“Usually we have squares, circles, or triangles as the actual deer design but this year we are using 100 for 100 years of the DNR. When you are designing your artwork you are portraying white tail deer, or white tail deer hunting in Michigan,” said Emilie O’Grady, Michigan DNR Wildlife Division.

For more information on how you can submit your design, click here.

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