Professor Releases Definitive Antrim County Election Report

After becoming the center of the controversy over the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election, Antrim County and their polling systems may have some closure.

Recently, a University of Michigan professor finished his report on the discrepancies in the county election system and came to a clear conclusion, there was no fraud. All issues were human error that was quickly fixed.

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and Attorney General Dana Nessel turned to UOFM professor of computer science and engineering, J. Alex Halderman to do a comprehensive analysis of what went wrong in Antrim County and how it was fixed.

The thought was to put to sleep, for certain, any more claims of fraud in the election.Antrim County Pic

The night after Election Day, the results out of Antrim County caught attention. The usually very conservative county had gone for former Vice President Joe Biden in a landslide while down ballot Republicans still did expectedly well.

That next day, county officials looked into the issue and found major discrepancies and quickly moved to a hand counting system.

With the new count, then President Donald Trump won the county by a large margin. This was in line with expectations and other races.

This spurred controversy and claims of fraud that spread to other counties across the country but all tied back to Antrim.

The results were repeatedly canvassed and approved but the claims didn’t stop, so the state turned to Halderman.

In his 54-page report, he laid out exactly what went wrong. Why and how it was fixed and most importantly, clearing any claims of fraud.

In the report, he says the county noticed errors on the ballots for parts of Central Lake, Mancelona and Warner townships.

The county turned to the election system provider to fix the issues. They sent back the corrected election information and the county clerk, Sheryl Guy, and her staff uploaded the new ballot information in those three precincts. What they should have done was upload the new software to every precinct.

The changes were not uploaded countywide which lead to votes getting skewed when entered into the computer program. Votes intended for Trump, went to Biden. So many of them, that it was easily noticed.

During his analysis, Halderman reproduced the errors and received very similar results, showing that was indeed the issue.

Antrim County is going to turn to hand counting ballots in the upcoming May election and work towards a program for the major elections, that is more reliable and double checked for human error.

As for the state, Secretary Benson says this is the definitive answer for the issues in Antrim County and there should be no doubt of fraud occurring in the 2020 election in Michigan.

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