PoWeR! Book Bags Donates 10K Books to Students Across Northern Michigan

A local nonprofit gave students new reading materials to enjoy right before spring break.

PoWeR! Book Bags has distributed around 10,000 new books to under-served students from 23 different schools across northern Michigan.

They’ve given out almost 190,000 books since 2016.

As part of their school vacation book giveaways, students receive six free books a year before spring, summer, and winter breaks.

It’s an effort to encourage students to read for fun.

“Because they got to pick the book it’s a lot more likely that they’ll actually read the book, and that’s what’s really exciting. It’s not just here’s a book you have to read, you know your teacher said.  It’s like ooo, I get to pick this one really? And they get to keep it and read it over and over again,” said Kara Gregory, Executive Director and Founder.

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