Wexford County Drug Arrest, Suspect’s Fake Name Was Wanted on Warrant

A downstate man was arrested after he ducked down during a traffic stop, gave police a fake name, and had meth in his pant leg.

State police say a man from Lawton, southeast of Kalamazoo, was a passenger in a car they pulled over in Wexford County Friday morning.

Troopers say he ducked down when they activated their lights. He gave a fake name—but the person under that fake name had a warrant out for his arrest.

Troopers say that’s when they found 27 grams of meth in small baggies in the man’s pant leg, along with a scale and cash.

When he was arrested and brought to the Wexford County jail, police learned his real name through fingerprinting. And they found even more drugs on him.

The man is charged with intending to distribute meth, smuggling drugs into the jail, lying to a peace officer, and littering. Troopers found pop cans and lottery tickets on the ground. They say the litter came from the vehicle.