West Shore Community College Produces Virtual Choir and Wind Symphony Concert

Hosting in person events for the performing arts community has been nearly impossible this past year, but that didn’t stop West Shore Community College (WSCC) from moving their concerts and events online.

Screen Shot 2021 03 24 At 14247 Pm“This would be the time our jazz band, our wind symphonies, concert choir, they would all be having concerts at this point,” said Director of Performing Arts and Music Studies professor Ted Malt.

The Pandemic, however, has left the college’s theater empty.

“We’re really missing having face to face concerts,” he said.

Malt and his team had to get creative, and thought about producing a virtual concert.

“We started the process in March researching how to produce virtual projects,” he said. “It was just a thought of trying to produce virtual content and basically how to engage our community at large.”

Their first concert premiered in December with 145 participants.

“We engaged our K-12 schools, community members, lifelong learners, whoever wants to be part of the project to get involved,” said Malt.

This concert, though, the number of participants doubled to 285.

“This one will be focused on the year in review, and hopefully gives people a sense of hope and reassurance that things are going to be ok,” said Malt.

Malt says the editing process is the most complicated part of the whole project.

“We take the audio out of the video, mix and out that audio back in,” he said. “It is very difficult, time consuming, hundreds of hours, so I’m proud of all our team.”

Malt hopes to have the virtual concert premiere at the college’s graduation ceremony at the end of April, then be posted to WSCC’s social media platforms.

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