Protect Your Personal Data – Learn How to Wipe Your Computer Clean

Time for a new computer? Before you give away your old laptop, make sure you do a deep clean — the RIGHT way. Laptop

Simply deleting old photos and files off your hard drive just isn’t enough! Matt Ham, owner of the service company Computer Repair Doctor, explains, “You’re likely to forget things like passwords saved in browsers and personal data in the deleted items folder. Or you can miss deleting some important files altogether,” he says.

The best solution to ensure the computer is back to a clean slate is, performing a factory reset. Wiping a computer clean with a factory reset will be sufficient to safeguard your personal data. Also, never forget to back up your important data to an external drive, or to the cloud if you have a Mac, before you perform the factory reset. In theory, a determined hacker can potentially uncover old files after a factory reset. Some people may feel more at ease removing the hard drive altogether before sending the computer off to its new home.

For more detailed information on how to do step-by-step factory resets on Mac, Chromebook, or Windows PC click here.

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