How to Limit Screentime, Unplug in Increasingly Virtual Environment

Virtual learning continues in many places and working from home is quickly becoming the norm in some industries. That’s making it hard for both adults and kids to limit exposure to devices.Pexels Oleg Magni 2764678

From straining eyes to even straining relationships, all that screen time does take a toll. But how do you even go about unplugging?

The four’s Xavier Hershovitz spoke to Wireless Zone on some simple ways we can start a little digital detox. Watch their conversation above.

Their tips include:

  • Create tech-free zones or times. For example, not allowing phones during mealtimes. Create a device checkpoint, like a basket, where devices go during these times.
  • Limit device exposure one hour before bed and require devices to be charged outside the bedroom.
  • Create a charging station or basket
  • Go outside – If you’re cooped up e-learning or working from home all day, it’s important to plan breaks throughout the day to get some fresh air and stop staring at your screen.
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