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Severe Weather Awareness Week: Tornado Sirens

Tornado sirens can be a great tool to get you into a shelter. There is critical information that you need to know about them though, you can not hear them inside.

Tornado sirens were designed as an outdoor warning system. Tornado sirens can be a great tool, but you need to know why the sirens are going off in your neighborhood. The siren will always go off when the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning for an area. If you are LUCKY enough to hear it you need to take shelter immediately.

Other counties may sound off alarms for straight-line winds in excess of 70 mph. Straight-line winds are just as damaging as tornadoes and can lead to property damage. It is important to have several ways to receive severe weather alerts because sirens are not reliable.

Other ways to receive alerts:

-On-Air 9&10 News

-Doppler 9&10 Weather App

-NOAA Weather Radio

– and

Here are a few tornado myths that you should be aware of as well.

Tornado Siren

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