Nearly 4 Years After Skatricity Skating Center Burns Down: Mess Remains, New Property Owners

Nearly four years ago, the Skatetricity Skating Center in Cadillac became consumed by flames and reduced to a pile of rubble.

“Every four minutes the roof just dropped and dropped, so it was sad to watch that,” says Dan Janik, who used to own Skatetricity.

The rink has stood in Cadillac for decades and hosted birthday parties, family reunions and generations of teenagers.

Now, nearly four years later, the remains of the community center still sit untouched. Piles of concrete blocks and burnt pieces of wood still sit here at the old Skatetricity property.

“This property has a lot of history,” says Janik.

Janik used to own Skatetricity in the 1990’s. Now he says it’s sad to drive by the old rink and see the decades of memories sit in the rubble.

“I tend to think of the happy days down there personally, my kids all grew up in there, they learned how to make change, fix skates, they started very, very young,” says Janik.

Steve Piwowarski rents houses next to the old roller rink. He says the mess has been a problem for his tenants.

“We had one couple that was in there that moved out because of that being that way, they were afraid of health problems from it and different things,” says Piwowarski.

Piwowarski says it’s also become a safety hazard:

“I hear that there’s been children walking around in there sometimes and that could be a really, really dangerous area because there’s still a basement and if they got down under there, that could come down at any time.”

Selma Township says the previous property owners had been in a court with them multiple times about how to clean up the mess.

In October, the property was auctioned off to a company called DGD2 L.L.C based in Zeeland, Michigan.

9&10 News has reached out to the new property owners on what their plans are for the property.

We have yet to hear back from them.

Janik says, “I think everybody out here is really pulling for that piece of property to do its best, as far as something that they can salvage that property and make it look good and profitable.”

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