Emmet County EMS to Start Making Vaccine House Calls

Emmet County has started a new vaccination program targeting the most vulnerable in the population. They will be heading to those who are stuck at home and don’t have the ability to go out for a scheduled vaccination.  

EMS had a practice run on Tuesday and Director Randy Weston said it was fantastic. “Actually it took a lot less time than what we anticipated,” he said. “We already have the next round scheduled for next week. We’re going to go out and continue to do this.” 

Over the past few weeks they’ve been talking with the Council on Aging and friendship centers who helped identify which people need this service. “People with disabilities, and the majority of them are the elderly,” said Weston. “We’re seeing a lot of them in their 80’s and 90’s that just don’t have access to transportation.” 

So far they’ve received a lot of interest in the service. “We’ve had a really good reaction to it,” said Laura EmeHouse Calls For Vax 1ry, executive assistant. “This morning when I came in we had about 15 calls waiting.” 

EMS is using their special echo vehicle to visit these homes in a discreet manner. “We didn’t want people thinking we were going to pull up in an ambulance and have their neighbors think ‘oh no what happened’,” said Weston. 

Weston said they’re doing well with their vaccination efforts, but they can do more. “According to the health department’s statistics, we’re at 67% of our 65 and over population have had at least one dose of the COVID vaccine.”