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Northern Michigan in Focus: Michigan Music Alliance

It was a year ago when the rug got torn out from underneath restaurants, bars, and musicians.

The Michigan Music Alliance sprang into action with the fundraiser Spread the Music 2020.

In this week’s Northern Michigan in Focus, Corey Adkins shows us why it’s time for another fundraiser.

Elle Lively with the Michigan Music Alliance says, “About a year ago now. It was really in an emergency response that we thought would be a one-time application and distribution just to help people ride it out until unemployment kicked in. And now we’re finding that a year later venues are still in the same position, artists are in the same position, and most restaurants as well. They were the first to go down and they are going to be the last to get back up.”

And that’s why the still needs your help.

“These people are individuals who pursue what they love and do a great job and share that with the world. And it’s really hard when all the sudden the foundation of doing what you love is just cut out from under you,” Lively says.

Starting today you’ll be able to help! Over 200 bands will be doing virtual concerts…a live music fans dream!

Like on Friday night The Accidentals.

And Saturday afternoon “the Kari Lynch Band.”

Singer Songwriter Sean Miller says, “If you miss live music and you’re missing your friends and going out and having fun, this is a great opportunity to kind of get there. I know Michigan is slowly opening back up but who knows what will happen so if you miss it just come watch and support all the different musicians and performers.”

And what’s also cool is a bunch of bands from Petoskey will be streaming live from an actual venue.

“They are partnering to bring a live show to The Crooked Tree Art Center on Thursday, 25 March live at 7 p.m.,” Lively says. “They have a great show and put together of all kinds of artists from all over Northern Michigan. They’ll be performing live on Facebook for free, completely free show.  There’s no live audience at the venue, but we’re hoping people get engaged in the comments and tune in.”

If you’re a musician or band that needs help you can start to apply for funds to May 1.

“There are qualifications and there’s more details on our website but the main two are you have to live in Michigan full time and make your primary income from live performance,” Lively says.

We’re slowly getting out of this mess but we still need to have each other’s backs.

“I love the Michigan music scene a while and I’ve been a part of it for a while and it’s so fun to see all these bands come together for one thing,” Miller says.

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