GTPulse: Your Friendly Neighborhood Cupcake Shop

A week or so ago while I was driving around looking at all of the Little Free Libraries of Traverse City, I noticed a home on 10th Street with not one but two miniature buildings outside of their home. One, a Little Free Library, the other – something else.

There’s a sign outside of the second, shed-size building advertising Cupcakes & More.

“A lot of people stop at the library and don’t even come to the cupcakes, or vice-versa,” said Brenda Andrus, owner of the bite-size bakery. “I put a little sign on the library saying why not have a treat while you’re reading a book?”

The idea came to her last year. After spending so much time indoors, she was in need of something to keep her mind and body active. Baking has always been a passion of hers.

“I decided, well I’ve got to do something. Everyone has said that my baking is so good, so I thought, ‘We’ll try.’ I started at the farmers’ market. That went good but this went better.”

Last August the cupcake shop was open to the public. Every day, Brenda bakes up a variety of sweet treats to go into the stand. Beyond the different flavors of cupcakes, she does banana bread (a favorite), brownies, peanut butter bars and more. Both the stand and library are built by her husband, and to prevent the goods from melting on hot summer days, the cupcake shop is refrigerated. She said warm days are especially good for business.

“My husband loves it. He thinks this is my calling, and I’m retired. He does woodworking.”

Brenda and her husband go to craft fairs for his various woodworking projects. Last year wiped out craft and art fairs, but this year the two of them plan to hit the road again, with Brenda’s sweet possibly making a guest appearance.

“This will be the first year that we do as many of the art shows while we do the cupcakes too, so it’s going to keep us busy.”

She makes everything out of her own recipes, with the banana bread being passed down from her grandmother. Cupcakes will always be in stock, with a rotating selection of flavors. The other day she had vanilla, red velvet, and a chocolate cupcake with white frosting and chocolate drizzle called a bowtie. Yes, it was good.

A small shed containing cupcakes has been one of many miniature delights that I find so often throughout this place. Who knew that going out on a walk around a TC neighborhood would result in going home with an armful of confectionaries, and maybe even a book.

To pay for whatever treats you’re taking home, there’s a cash box that can be used and also a money transferring app called Venmo.

“If I’m home and they need change sometimes they’ll come to the door. Venmo has been easy, sometimes a little too easy,” she said with a laugh.

The stand is loved by passerby discovering it on a walk, but also by kids in the neighborhood. Having access to sweets year-round is an exciting prospect for them, and an interesting one for their parents. But no one’s complaining, not even neighborhood parents with little ones.

“I’m not complaining myself!”

The next time you find yourself on a walk or drive through town, consider stopping off at Brenda’s cupcake stand. There will be something that piques your interest waiting for you. If she has them in stock, make sure to try Brenda’s personal favorite – peanut butter chocolate bars.

“They’re just sinful.”

Find them a 510 W. 10 Street in Traverse City, Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Stay updated with what she has, and limited-time orders through her Facebook page here.


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