Grant Me Hope: Cody

Since we last checked-in with Cody, he has grown into an energetic, fun-loving, and kind-hearted teen. He talks about what he’s looking for in a forever family, in this edition of Grant Me Hope.

Unlike many kids his age, Cody says science is his favorite subject in school because he loves learning about planets and animals. One day, he would like to become a zoologist. “I know a lot about animals,” Cody says.

Besides focusing time on science, Cody’s favorite things to do include swimming, playing with Legos, playing football, basketball, and soccer, flying his drone, riding bikes, and going to trampoline parks. Of course, Cody’s list of favorite things would be closer to complete when he’s part of a forever family, one who enjoys being active just like he is. He looks forward to doing fun things together such as visiting a zoo, taking walks in the woods, playing football, and riding bikes.

A person close to him describes Cody as outgoing, energetic, creative, and caring. “When in a positive space, he often coaches younger peers,” says this person. Cody benefits from assistance himself, especially when he’s at school.

His worker says Cody would do well in a future forever family with a mom and dad or two female parents who are experienced and who can provide the supervision and one-on-one attention he requires. Cody would do best as the youngest child in the family. In addition, his family must be fierce advocates for the services that Cody needs to thrive. They also must be patient as Cody builds a bond and adapts to his new home.

To learn more about Cody, and the adoption process, click here.

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