Manistee County: Firefighters Battled 600-Acre Warfield Wildfire

The dry conditions and winds are fanning fire danger. The dry, dead brush was perfect fuel for wildfires.

It had crews battling wildfires in Manistee, Kalkaska and Lake Counties Monday.

Crews in Manistee County were telling people to avoid Warfield Road, near Peterson Trail. The fire burned 600 acres about a quarter of a mile south of Peterson Creek Road.

It was around 40 acres around 2 p.m., escalated to around 150 acres by 3 p.m., and at 5 p.m. it was reportedly around 600 acres.

The Huron Manistee U.S. Forest Service says the Warfield Wildfire started around noon Monday.

They have determined that it was human caused, but the exact cause is still under investigation.

During the response, Joshua Veal, PIO for the Warfield Wildfire, said “So what these crews right now, today, are focusing on is removing the fuel so the fire will not be able to continue to grow.”

Crews used bulldozers and leaf blowers to remove the fuel from the fire.

“Your fine fuels is what they’re called,” Veal says. “And the fire gets in it and with the wind that we’ve been experiencing, it does take off and move rather quickly with the winds helping the dry conditions.”

The U.S. Forest Service wants to remind people that one less spark means one less wildfire.

“One less spark, one less wildfire is something that’s so important for our firefighters if they can focus on other things instead of fire getting away and taking up their time,” Veal says.

Northern Michigan’s current fire danger is very high. The northern Lower Peninsula is not issuing burn permits. 

According to state police, Michigan had 28 wildfires over the weekend.