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Antrim County To Count Ballots By Hand In May Election

Promo Image: Antrim County To Count Ballots By Hand In May Election

Antrim County Commissioners say they will be counting paper ballots by hand for the May 4th primary election.

Commissioners had turned down a request from the county clerk for $5,080 dollars to prepare voting machines for the upcoming election.

They say the ballots will be counted by hand, but Chief Election Officer Clerk Sheryl Guy says this action could be illegal.

This comes as the county remains in a lawsuit with a resident who accused officials of election fraud following last November’s election.

The election results in Antrim County revealed that President Biden had won over former President Trump, but those results were said to be human error and were corrected.

Additionally, a judge had allowed forensic photos of the voting machines to be taken.

Clerk Sheryl Guy had proposed hiring a contractor to install new hard drives on machines before the May 4th election.

New machines in all nine precincts that are holding and election would cost $55,000 dollars.