Governor Whitmer Visits Rebuilt M-30 Bridge Near Edenville

For ten months the people in Edenville had to live without their lifeline to the other side of town. Now their bridge is open and Governor Gretchen Whitmer paid a visit.

The governor has been touring bridges across the state to bring awareness to her budget package that includes extra money for bridges, roads and other infrastructure.Whitmer Visits M 30 Bridge Pic

The stretch of M-30 just re-opened last week with this temporary span to connect the town after last spring’s floods damaged the previous bridge.

Governor Whitmer’s Rebuilding Michigan plan calls for $300 million to fix 120 bridges in serious or critical condition.

This bridge was wiped out due to the historic floods but Governor Whitmer says it shows how crucial operating bridges are to the state.

“When our bridges are crumbling it is dangerous for the people that live around those bridges and it undermines our ability to draw investment in Michigan,” said Governor Whitmer, “It hurts our economy so for all of these reasons, a real comprehensive solution is critical in moving forward on the bridge bundling program that I introduced. I think it’s going to be one important piece of that.”

MDOT plans to replace this bridge with a larger, more permanent option in the next 2-3 years.