Pit Spitters Take Fan Suggestions for Stadium Menu

Spring is almost here… and “spring training” is also not far off. But Traverse City’s baseball team needs your help right now. Pit Spitters Logo

The Pit Spitters are turning to the fans to help with ideas for the concession stand. General Manager Mickey Graham says, “Coming to the ballpark is a lot of things. It’s baseball, its great promotions, it’s fireworks, it’s the mascot. It’s all these sights and sounds right? But food is a huge part of that. We’re asking fans to be part of that.”

Pit Spitters 2021 Fan FoodStarting Wednesday the 17th, an through Friday the 26th,  you can suggest new foods for the ballpark. The ideas should be simple to make and fried foods are a popular way to go. “People are creative. Especially when it comes to food. People love food and they love coming up with unique ideas on their own… It’s gotta be fast, it’s gotta be portable, you’ve got to be able to eat it in the stands, but it’s got to be fun and creative and taste great.”

The team will narrow down the list of suggestions and will put those up for final votes, and the winner will be on the concession menu this season at the ballpark. The winning entry will get a free small suite for a game next season and also gets to thrown out a ceremonial first pitch.

For more details – or to find out how you can make a suggestion – Click Here.