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Veterans Treatment Court Offers Help When in Trouble With The Law

A program in three Northern Michigan counties is helping veterans in trouble with the law get assistance in getting their lives back on the right path.

This past fall, the 86th District Court’s Veterans Treatment Court was officially recognized by the State of Michigan. It serves Grand Traverse, Leelanau and Antrim Counties.

Veterans In Crisis was instrumental in getting the court set up.  It offers substance abuse and mental health treatment and addresses what they call the unique risks and needs of those who have served our country.  The ultimate goal is to get a look at the root of the reason for their behavior.

Veterans In Crisis Chairman David Mikowski said, “The courts, the judicial process needs to get in step, I think, with what’s going on with veterans who are experiencing TBI and PTSD and visible injuries.”

Grand Traverse County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Charles Hamlyn added, “The idea behind any treatment court, whether it’s the Drug Court at the 86th District Court or the Sobriety Court and now the Veterans Treatment Court, it’s to try to deal with the underlying issues that somebody may be suffering from.”

They emphasize that this is not a “get out of jail free card.” If the typically three year program is successfully completed, it may result in a reduction of their charges.

For more information on the Veterans Treatment Court or if you would like to help Veterans In Crisis in their mission,


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