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Covid 19

Health Departments Warn Outbreaks Are Happening Among School-Aged Kids

Multiple local health departments say outbreaks of COVID-19 are happening more in school-aged kids.

It’s linked to gatherings outside of school, like sporting events, parties, and sleepovers.

The Health Department of Northwest Michigan says it has seen 277 new cases of the novel coronavirus over the last 14 days; 30% of them were in kids age 13 to 19. And most of those cases showed no symptoms.

Benzie/Leelanau District Health Department also said on Thursday they were seeing an uptick of cases in their school districts.

And the Grand Traverse Co. Health Department “In Grand Traverse County we are seeing clusters that are related to social gatherings. Particularly social gatherings outside of school like sleepovers and other types of parties.” She adds that the clusters “are not related to school-related activities or exposure in the schools. So we want to make that clear.”

Northwest Michigan says it needs students, parents, coaches and school staff to all help “ensure that anyone who has COVID-19 is able to be promptly tested and isolated if positive as well as close contacts identified and quarantined.”

The health department also emphasized handwashing, mask wearing, avoiding large gatherings, and getting the vaccine when it becomes available for you.

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