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Covid 19

The Pandemic: A Year of Change

Education in 2020: Chalking up the Last Year

“Education hit a real pause last year from March until June.” Dr. Keith Smith, Kingsley Area Schools Superintendent

“To understand that there probably wasn’t a perfect solution early on, and the understanding that there’s a lot of things at play, it’s important to note that, and to understand, that I think we did ok. And I think ok is good.” Nick Kuiper, Associate Professor, Television and Digital Media Production, School of Digital Media, Ferris State University

As all of our lives were abruptly shifted at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, students’ education had to move along with it. Between new ways to learn virtually and how to safely hold classes in person, teachers and administrators have had to modify the way they do their job, while parents have had to alter their lives around their students’ schedules. Students in colleges and universities gave up milestones, like graduation, as more stress was added to their course load and personal lives.

9&10’s Katie Birecki and photojournalist Catie Emery take a look at how this past year was for education, what school looks like now, and what schools are hoping for in the future.