DEA Warns Scammers Impersonating DEA Agents Are Stealing Identities, Money


(DEA AGENT): If you’re trying to tell me that that your part of the DEA and he was involved in something, I think I would know about it.

(SCAMMER): Please sir, get yourself out of this case, otherwise, I will find you any how and I will shoot you.

This is part of a phone recording from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) talking to a scammer impersonatiScreen Shot 2021 03 09 At 54959 Pmng federal agents.

The DEA is warning the public of a widespread fraud scheme in which scammers impersonate DEA agents in an attempt to extort money or steal personal identifiable information.

They say if you do get a phone call like this, hang up immediately.

If you have fallen victim and given your personal information, contact authorities immediately.

Brian McNeal, public information officer for the Detroit Field Division, says, “Please report. There’s no reason to be ashamed of yourself and embarrassed. When you report, you’re helping the next person. You’ve may have fallen victim, but you’re helping now the

Screen Shot 2021 03 09 At 54945 Pm

next person by furthering the investigation.”

The DEA says they will never call a person regarding a warrant.

If they are going to contact someone, they will do it in person or with an official letter in the mail.

Anyone receiving a call from a person claiming to be with DEA should report the incident to the FBI at  The Federal Trade Commission provides recovery steps, shares information with more than 3,000 law enforcement agencies and takes reports at  For any victims who have given personally identifiable information like a social security number to the caller, can learn how to protect against identity theft at