Producer Picks: Student Offered More Than $1 Million in Scholarships

A Philadelphia high school senior has been offered more than $1-million in scholarship money.Girl

Shayna Robinson-Owens applied to more than 20 colleges. She was shocked that 18 accepted her, and most of them offered scholarships. “I was really shocked,” she said. “I was like ‘oh well’. I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. I didn’t know what to do”.

Shayna’s plan is to go on college visits before she makes her final decision, and says she won’t just base the decision on financial aid alone. Her top picks so far include Temple, Lasalle, Lincoln University in Missouri, and Cabrini University in Pennsylvania. She hopes to study psychology.

The lesson learned… no matter where you are at in your education, preschool or community college, it’s never too late or too early to start looking and applying for scholarships.

To see what is available for Michigan-based students, click here.



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