Grant Me Hope: Jacob

Grant Me Hope’s goal is to find loving homes for foster children across the country. Jacob has a list of things he wants to do with his future forever family. Will you be the one to help him? Here’sThe Four: Grant Me Hope: Jacob what he’s looking for.

Jacob loves the outdoors and playing sports. He would like someone to toss the football to, help him bait a fishing hook, be his guide on a canoe trip, and accompany him on other adventures. He also enjoys making those around him happy, and strives to do the right thing.

Jake enjoys receiving a lot of attention and can become frustrated if he feels he isn’t receiving an adequate amount of it. Jake is working on developing a consistent daily routine and being more understanding. At school, he benefits from assistance to help him stay focused and function at his best.

A forever family for Jacob should consist of two parents with experience and patience and who can provide the attention he requires. In addition, the family must be strong advocates for the services that will help Jake thrive. His new parents must be experienced and knowledgeable of the impact of trauma on a child. Jake would enjoy living in a rural setting or in an environment where he could be around animals. Lastly, a family for Jake must be willing to let him maintain his relationship with his brother.

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