Cloverland Cares to Give Scholarship to Students Entering Non-traditional Career Paths

A new scholarship program looks to help students wanting to enter non traditional career paths in eastern upper peninsula schools.

The scholarship is provided by Cloverland Cares, a non-profit foundation with Cloverland Electric Cooperative in the U.P. Applicants will be evaluated by financial need, school involvement, community service and more. The scholarship must be used for educational purposes at Lake Superior State University, Bay Mills Community College, or Les Cheneaux Culinary school.

Cloverland Cares Board President Allie Brawley says students without the best grades deserve financial support as well. “The scholarship committee recognized a great need to award students more on a financial need,” she said. “There’s certainly a lot of opportunities to award academically gifted students and this scholarship is really looking to award those that might be seeking a non traditional career path or going into the trades.”

The deadline for students to apply is March 31.