Two Arrested For Selling Meth In Otsego County

Otsego County Meth Arrests

Two people are facing multiple charges after being suspected of selling meth in Otsego County.

Detectives from Straits Area Narcotics Enforcement executed a search warrant on a Otsego Lake Township home Wednesday.

Once they began the search, they say Christopher Lafond ran from the home. He was later found hiding nearby.

Detectives say six adults and two children were inside the house while they conducted the search warrant, and say they found meth, money, and other evidence related to the selling of meth.

Detectives then arrested Lafond for delivering and possessing meth, and maintaining a drug house.

They also arrested Andrea Downing for possessing meth and gabapentin.

A third suspect was arrested, but has been placed on a parole detainer.

SANE says the investigation is on-going, and they expect to make more arrests.