Lawmakers Remember Michigan’s ‘Eternal General,’ Frank Kelley

Flags across the state were at half-staff on Sunday in remembrance of Michigan’s 50th Attorney General, Frank Kelley.

Kelley is known as Michigan’s “eternal general.”

He served from 1961-1999, making him the longest serving Attorney General in U.S history.

“96 years-old and what he did in his lifetime was amazing,” said State Senator Curt VanderWall. “He was the youngest Attorney General and also when he left was the oldest, and still was.”

Now, lawmakers are taking a moment to acknowledge his accomplishments.

“I did meet him several times. The impact that he had especially on the environmental law, on consumer protection, has been tremendous,” said Senator Wayne Schmidt.

Kelley’s decades of service and dedication even inspires current state leaders— like current Attorney General, Dana Nessel.

“He was very aggressive in terms of protecting people’s drinking water, and protecting the air, and protecting our natural resources,” said Nessel. “And I’ve tried to use that office in some ways to emulate that.”86cc285c E080 44e1 84b6 9d3977ae1298

Nessel says that Kelley was responsible for laying the groundwork for Attorneys General nationwide.

“He was able to implement so many changes in the way that, not just the Michigan Department of Attorney General works, but frankly all state Attorney General offices operate different because of the good work he did laying the foundation for it,” said Nessel.

Now, Kelley’s legacy will live on in more ways than one.

“He served the people of this great state in a way that will probably never ever been repeated,” said Senator Schmidt.

The Kelley family will announce memorial services at a later date.