Attorney General’s Office Working to Stop Scam Phone Calls

According to the Attorney General’s office, over 67 million consumers across the country have been receiving deceptive and illegal robocalls.

Michigan Attorney Dana Nessel has worked with the Federal Trade Commission and 38 other states to pinpoint the companies responsible for the calls.

From 2016 to 2019, Associated Community Services out of Madison Heights, Michigan was responsible for calling over 2 million Michiganders.18f02329 0c37 40c4 Af95 Ef63cd5ee50e

Now, Nessel is working to make sure these scammed phone calls stop.

“To work with other Attorneys General all across the nation to combat these robocallers but we also need better laws in place that allow us to be as aggressive as possible,” said Attorney General Nessel. “If no one is enforcing the law, then people are going to continue to break it.”

Nessel is also warning people to be on alert for robocalls about receiving early COVID-19 vaccinations.