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Final Push for Major Cherryland Humane Society Fundraiser

Cherryland Humane Society

Friday, March 5 by 5 p.m. is the final push for a major fundraiser for Cherryland Humane Society in Traverse City.   Shelter staff say it’s quite possibly the biggest fundraiser they’ve ever had.

It all started when a Traverse City woman, Charissa O’Maley, and her husband, Aaron moved up north from southern Michigan during the middle of the pandemic.  They wanted to somehow support and connect with the community and being major animal lovers they teamed up with more than 70-local businesses to support Cherryland.  In doing so, business owners have been collecting a surplus of prizes area shops in Traverse City.

The prizes which include restaurant gift cards, spa gift cards, and even private cruise are all part of a guessing game fundraiser for the animals at Cherryland Humane Society.

“It’s been one of the biggest fundraisers that we’ve ever seen in terms of local businesses getting behind all the animals,” says Melissa Lande, volunteer and outreach coordinator with Cherryland Humane Society.

Lande says the final push in Traverse City is happening and she’s asking people to step up for the animals.

“It’s a guessing game that you have five bins and the bins are located at West Bay Handmade down on Front Street and we filled the bins with little cat pellets.   If you pay $5 toward a donation it goes toward the humane society.  You get to guess how many pellets are in each bin and each bin coordinates with a group of those prizes,” says Lande.

You have until 5 p.m. Friday, March 5th to take part in the guessing fundraiser which is being held at West Bay Handmade on Front Street in downtown Traverse City.  If you would prefer to do a virtual donation so you don’t have to walk into the store, check out the .

Cherryland staff will be counting the pellets in each bin, Saturday, March 6, and will announce the winners for the prizes, Tuesday, March, 9.