Traverse City Food Processor Workers Line Up for COVID Vaccine

Workers at Sara Lee receiving the vaccine this week

Sara LeeFood processors and agriculture workers are now eligible for the COVID vaccines, and they’re already lining up at one area processor.

Workers at Sara Lee in Traverse City are getting their vaccinations all throughout the week. The Traverse Health Clinic is running the clinics on-site at the plant. And clinic workers and volunteers alike have been visiting early morning, afternoon, and evening shifts throughout the week.

Traverse Health Clinic Vaccine

Photo Courtesy of Traverse Health Clinic

Mi Stanley with Traverse Health Clinic says it’s important for these front-line food workers to get the vaccine as soon as possible. “A lot of the working folks like those here at Sara Lee, you know it’s challenging for them to get to appointments at an off-site location. So for us to be able to reach out directly to vulnerable patients and connect directly with employers of frontline essential workers, that’s a really satisfying experience for all of us at the Health Clinic.”

Stanley says people have been eager to get vaccinated. “People have been very enthusiastic. I would say overall in the community when we’re giving the vaccine, even people who don’t like needles have been very excited to be in the ‘hot seat’ and get their shots. And hopefully make some steps toward having things get back a little more to normal.”

Sara Lee employs about 500 workers. Traverse Health Clinic says an estimated 100 of them will get vaccinated this week.


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