State Distributes Adult-Use Marijuana Payments, Cities See Benefits

Nearly two years after opting to allow recreational marijuana—Manistee City Manager, Thad Taylor says the city is starting to see big benefits.

“There was a certain level of trepidation in the community because it was new and they didn’t know what to expect. That’s why I’m proud to say we have not had any issues. The business owners have been wonderful to work with,” says Taylor.

The Michigan Department of Treasury is giving  $10 million to over 100 municipalities across the state.

For each licensed retailer the city, village, township, or county will receive $28,000.

Taylor says,  “A really added benefit above and beyond what we’re already seeing-which is employment, revitalization of a blighted area and just some new economic development bringing different people into town.”

Now, they’re planning for the future.

“We have two operational right now. We have two that’ll be operational no later than July first. So, theoretically we could get four times this allocation in subsequent years,” Taylor said.80a5a08b A37f 4cdf A497 Edce21ef5915

The Cured Leaf in Traverse City says their community could also see the same benefits if they allowed recreational marijuana businesses.

James Turman—sales manager at The Cured Leaf—says, “You think about it as why would leave money off the table that could potentially be here to help the city with different aspects and projects that we have going on.”

The Cured Lead says almost every day they have to turn customers away.

“They’ll come here mistakenly thinking that we can do recreational or other shops can but we have to turn them away and send them half an hour outside of town,” said Turman.

The Cured Leaf along with other dispensaries in the Traverse City Area have started a petition to bring recreational marijuana to the town sooner.