Screws Keep Appearing on a Road in Gaylord, Drivers Experience Flat Tires

Screws and nails are appearing all across Meecher Road in Gaylord, and it’s causing damage to vehicles.  

“It’s pretty serious,” said Kirk Harrier, Managing Director of the Otsego County Road Commission. “It’s not just a flat tire that you could see. You could have a serious issue driving down the road. Hopefully we don’t have any fatalities because of it.” 

The road commission and authorities suspect someone is doing it deliberately. “Our crew went out and s3 4 21 Otsego Co Nails Investigation Pkg Web Imgwept the roadway clear of the screws, and then we got reports on Wednesday that there were a fresh amount of screws on the roadway,” said Harrier. It costs them $360-$380 each time they go out to clear the road.

Local tire shops have seen a large increase in customers since Monday. Manager of Meekhof Tire, Matt Hadley said they’ve had many people come in with flats with some having more than 10 screws in one tire. “At first we kind of thought that maybe this was just one box of screws that had fallen off somebody’s vehicle or trailer, but we’ve kind of seen that there’s three or four different kinds of screws in some people’s tires and obviously a lot of them,” he said. 

The Otsego County Sheriff’s Office and Michigan State Police are investigating the situation.