MidMichigan Health Opens Additional COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments

MidMichigan Health opened up more vaccine appointments starting Thursday.

The hospital is currently scheduling appointments for those 65 and older plus some groups of essential workers who are eligible under state guidelines.

They say the added supply of vaccine here in the state and across the country allowed them to open up extra appointments.

They say it’s an encouraging sign as the vaccine rollout continues.

“It’s a great feeling, we are seeing and hearing that there’s so many individuals that want to get vaccinated and prior to the announcement we were limited of course to sticking to the criteria that were available to us,” said Brenda Turner, Director of Ambulatory Quality at MidMichigan Health.

It’s important to note anyone can register at any time even if your priority group is not eligible for the vaccine yet.

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To register at MidMichigan, click here.

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