GTPulse: Quick, Easy Grab-n-go Lunch Spots in TC

At the beginning of the week, I try to have an idea of what I can make for breakfast and dinner Monday through Friday. Breakfast is the first thing I’ll eat and needs to be substantial enough to shield my stomach from the heaps of caffeine I’ll drink. Dinner, I would bet, is everyone’s favorite meal of the day because it’s the last one. There’s not too much pressure to hurry it up, and with no work to get back to, I can daydream about what sounds good. In the middle of the day, I don’t have time to daydream. Usually, sometime around 1 p.m., I’ll feel a familiar warm, hollow feeling in my stomach that eventually forces me to get up and hunt down food. For me, lunch is the most inconvenient meal of the day. Mostly I eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a can of soup, but on those days that I’ve gone too long without grocery shopping, I have to venture out. Grab-n-go places are perfect for those remote workdays where you need to pick something up fast so you can get back to it. You don’t need to worry about calling ahead or waiting to order with some of these Traverse City options.



This health food market has been around since the ‘70s and is a trusted name in TC households all over town. Known for their fresh, wholesome foods, they have a grab-n-go section that has options that taste good and you can feel good about eating. Options include soups, cold salads, hard-boiled eggs, sandwiches, dips, and sweet stuff for after too.


Dockside Market:

Located near the Discover Pier, this modest liquor store has a new special every day of the workweek. Their specials are served hot and are always interesting. From hand-dipped corn dogs to gyros and homemade mac n cheese, there’s always something ready if you need something fast but wanna skip cold food for the day. Specials are ready around noon every day, and cold sandwiches are up for grabs too.


The Kitchen:

I live in this neighborhood and joke that The Kitchen is really just an extension of my own kitchen. Except they’re never out of something to eat. Their grab-n-go has all of the classic options that come to mind when you think about a lunch cold case. If I know I’m not going to make dinner later I’ll get a sandwich and cold salad and split them in half when I get home. They also have a full menu you can order off of for hot food too. If you’re going in around lunchtime for hot food, I’d suggest calling ahead if that’s what you’re looking for. They get busy!



I know, I know, this isn’t a grab-n-go. But a slice combo that comes with a piece of pizza, two breadsticks, and pop that only cost $4.50 is still a quick option. Order ahead, it doesn’t take too long! This downtown TC pizzeria has been around since the ‘80s, and this slice combo continues to be a staple in local high school students’ lunch rotations. They’ve got the right idea.

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